DIY Colored Glitter Glue

I keep seeing that bright cheerful colored glitter glue in the big glue bottles at the stores and always think I need to buy us some of that.  I always get sidetracked and never come home with any.  Maybe its a good thing, one less craft supply to add to my ever growing supply closet.  But the other day inspiration hit and I really wanted a big bottle of colored glitter glue for a Halloween project I had wanted to try with the kids.  It was a simple idea I had but it needed a little sparkle and glitter glue would give it just that.  I set out to make our own colored glitter glue.
DIY Colored Glitter Glue
DIY Colored Glitter Glue


DIY Colored Glitter Glue


DIY Colored Glitter Glue

No, it is not rocket science to make glitter glue but I had never thought to make my own.  I have bought those tiny glitter glue pens before.  We go through those so fast it is kind of expensive to keep buying them.  Having a large bottle of colored glitter glue could come in handy for many projects.

What we used:

It was great because I had this all on hand in the house.  Clear glue, glitter, food coloring, and squeeze containers (I got these at IKEA).

DIY Colored Glitter Glue

What we did:

I added food coloring to the bottom of the container and then poured in glitter.  Big brother helped a little with this.  I added the glue (that I got online at discount school supplies) and we mixed by shaking the containers.

DIY Colored Glitter Glue by FSPDT


Now we had our own colored glitter glue in larger containers to use in more arts and craft projects.  These containers were perfect for us to use in this way.  Sometimes you just need something a little bigger than a glitter glue pen.  I hope if you haven’t tried this yet you and your kids can enjoy this too.
DIY Colored Glitter Glue by FSPDT

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