DIY Felt Wands

I kinda have a thing for felt right now, so when I saw these felt wands I got excited.  I am not much of a sewer but I thought I would give it a try. 

DIY Felt Wands for kids
Owl Wand


What I used:

felt, wooden stick, ribbon, yarn, glue gun, needle, thread, cotton for stuffing, and craft glue.

What I did:

I wrapped the stick in yarn using craft glue.  I then cut out the felt shape of the design and the eyes, nose( star, owl…)  I was going to make for the wand.  I hand sewed the eyes and nose on. Then sewed the 2 sides together and left a small hole.  I took my stick and added hot glue to the tip and placed it about half way in the owl.  I held it down a minute. I then stuffed the owl with cotton.  I took the needle and thread and sewed up the bottom around the stick.  Last I added the ribbon.

The LINKS on the bottom give you directions
The first 2 link are for wands and the last one is for the template for the owl I used.  I found that gluing the stick in was easier than sewing the stick on.  If your kids are older you may be able to skip that step?  Both my (3yr) and (11mo) like the wands.  I also used yarn to warp my sticks not ribbon.  This is what I got. They are no masterpiece but they came from the heart for my boys.

DIY Felt Wands

I made ours for both pretend play and photo props.  I have come in and updated this post a little.  My boys have been playing with these wands for over a year now and they are still holding up.  As seen in the first picture.  That was taken this year.  The other pictures are from last year.

DIY Felt Wands
One photo were the wand was used as a prop.




Felt Wands
one of their other wands

As always I hope you and your kids can have some fun with this idea.

These links give you easy directions.


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