DIY Fine Motor Skills Activity For The Kids

So I don’t think its any secret that I love to hoard what most people throw in the trash.  I just never know when it might come in handy for something.  Big brother is taking in my foot steps and often ask to keep the most random thing because we might need it for a “project”.  Well, here is just one fun way to use “trash” and make your own Fine Motor Skills Activity for the kids.

 DIY Fine Motor Skills Activity For The Kids

Supplies/What we used:
Gerber little crunchies containers
hole punch
mod podge
tissue paper
pipe cleaners
 how to make a fine motor skills can activity for kids
How to make/What we did:  
I took the plastic lids from the container and punched holes around the top.  I then cut some pipe cleaners in half.  I had big brother help me add mod podge and torn tissue paper to the containers.  Once we were finished covering the containers up, I left them to dry.  I went back and sprayed a clear sealer coat on the containers and let them dry again.  the next day I set them out for the boys to play.
fine motor skills
Both my toddler and preschooler really enjoy this activity.  They get to work on their motor skills, go over colors of cans and pipe cleaners, and problem solve how to get the pipe cleaners in and out of the containers.  I can see baby brother soon wanting to take a turn with these too.  As always we hope you and your kids can have fun with this too.
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