DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine’s Day Hearts

Last year we made scented puffy paint for our Winter Bath Activity.  They kids just loved it and I made a mental note to make it again for them.  Well it has been on that “note” for some time.  When Happy Hooligans stopped by my FB page to share her homemade puffy paint project it inspired me to work on a Valentine’s Day project with the kids that called for us to make DIY Glitter Puffy Paint. Glitter just seemed like a must.  Since we tried scented puffy paint last year, we had to try something new this year. These are easy to make and so much fun to use.  I may have enjoyed making and playing in them just as much as the boys.
DIY Glitter Puffy Paint by FSPDT

DIY Glitter Puffy Paint

DIY Glitter Puffy Paint

What we used:

1 cup flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water (I added chamomile tea to the water but you could not smell it- see, things do not always work out for me either)

Food coloring


Ziploc bags

DIY Glitter Puffy Paint

What we did:

I added all the ingredients to a large measuring cup.  We left the food coloring and glitter out.  Once we had the puffy paint made, we poured it into 4 bowls.  My 2.5 yr helped me make these DIY Glitter Puffy Paints and the glitter was his favorite part.  Now with the paint in the bowls we mixed in the food coloring and glitter.  

DIY Glitter Puffy Paint
Watching his face light up as he mixed the paint on his own was priceless.  At this age it is all about ” let me do it” or “I do not need help”. 
DIY Glitter Puffy Paint
We now had our DIY Glitter Puffy Paint and we could not wait to use it.  I did not have any bottles to add the puffy paint to so we used the bowls and some ziploc bags and added a cut to the tips of them.  2 of the 4 bags worked great.  The other two I cut too big even though the cuts were quite small.  So be sure to cut less than you think to make the squeeze bags.
DIY Glitter Puffy Paint

 Glitter Puffy Squeeze Paint to use for our Valentine’s Day Hearts project.

DIY Glitter Puffy Paint
And bowls of Glitter Puffy Paint to use a brush and paint with as well.
DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine's Day Hearts

I laid out construction paper on the table and then placed cardboard hearts (I pre-cut these) on top.  Then my son went to work covering them with puffy paint.

DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine's Day Hearts

Even though this arts and craft project is fun and exciting to take part in, it is also messy.  So keep the wipes and paper towel close.

DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine's Day Hearts

My son and I were able to work on this while my oldest was at school and baby brother was sleeping ( to start).  This gave us a little one on one time.  No matter which one of the kids I have for one on one time it is always so nice to just embrace their unique personalities.  This project was perfect for me and my tot and we sure did enjoy our time together.

The Glitter Puffy Paint is a great sensory art medium.  Such fun color and texture.  We were able to use these paints for both product and process art.  We made our hearts and then my son had free play with the paints.  Hands on, or in, he was having fun with the paint.
DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make sensory art
Glitter Puffy Paint Valentine Hearts
DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine's Day Hearts
I just love how our hearts turned out.  Once the hearts were covered in puffy paint, I microwaved them for 20 seconds.  A few of them were dry.  I just left them out at this point and let them continue to air dry.
DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine's Day Hearts

These Puffy Paint Hearts were our product arts and crafts project for kids.  Once the hearts were finished, we moved on to the process art.

DIY Glitter Puffy Paint to Make Valentine's Day Hearts
Our just for fun sensory art puffy paintings.
Sensory Art with Puffy Paint

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