DIY “Grippe” Socks

We have almost all hardwood floors in our house and it is easy to slip when you are wearing socks, especially a little boy who loves to RUN through the house.  After one busted lip, while wearing socks with out “grippe’s” on them he will not wear any plain socks.  So when I came across this idea at I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar I knew we would have to make some for big brother.  This would be fun and solve are problem.  DIY Grippe Socks were a hit at my house. 
 DIY Grippe Socks for Kids

DIY “Grippe” Socks


What we used:
All you need is puff paint and socks!  
DIY "Grippe" Socks
What we did:
Then apply the paint to the socks and let dry.  How Great is this.  He loved that he was able to make his own socks.   He could not wait to try them on.  Now I think he wants to paint all his socks.
DIY "Grippe" Socks
Now Everyone is smiling!
Making our own grippe socks was fun and it served a purpose too.  Now he has cute and useful socks.  
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