DIY Microwavable Popcorn

Am I the only one left that had no idea you could make your own microwavable popcorn?  I am starting to think I might be.  While looking on pinterest one night I came across a pin for diy microwavable popcorn and  I was intrigued.  I thought, wow, I need to read this.  Popcorn has always been a favorite snack of mine and my kids love it too. I couldn’t wait to see how I could make it for myself.  So I followed the link to and got the 411 on diy popcorn.  It turns out all you need is a brown paper bag, popcorn kernels and a microwave!  Now this is my diy project,simple!  I found one of the fun things about making it myself was that I could get the kids involved and let them help open the bag and fill it.  My boys love to help out in the kitchen so including them was a plus for me.  Once the popcorn is ready you can add your favorite toppings.  We added butter and salt.  I would love to try cinnamon sugar next time.  The possibilities for toppings are endless.  Well, if there is someone else out there in the dark like I was, I hope you too can enjoy diy microwaveable popcorn too!
DIY Microwavable Popcorn

 DIY Microwavable Popcorn

The How To:  
take 1/2c popcorn kernels and pour into brown paper bag and fold down the top.  Now place in the microwave for 3min or until the popcorn kernels are barley popping.  Remove from the microwave and add to bowl.  Last add your favorite toppings.  There you have it easy and yummy diy popcorn.
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