DIY Minion Bowling Set

Any Minion fans out here?  My family has really enjoyed Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, and the Minion movie. Those cute and silly minions are just loveable. Recently we had a minion birthday party for my youngest.  I wanted to come up with a simple yet fun game for the kids to play.   These chip containers we had looked perfect for a Minion Bowling Set. Easy to make and a lot of fun for the kids.

DIY Minion Bowling Set


DIY Minion Bowling Set

how to make a minion bowling set



Supplies/what I used:

  • yellow paper
  • white paper
  • black sharpie marker
  • lays chip container
  • tape
  • glue stick
  • scissors


minion bowling set for kids


How to make your own Minion Bowling Set:


Save chip containers or see if a friend has some they don’t mind saving for you. Sure there are other containers out there that would work for this too. We only had 4 containers empty by the time the party came.  I would have preferred a few more. But the 4 worked out great.


Peel label off the chip container.  Take your yellow paper and lay the container down on it.  Now cut off excess paper so it fits the container.   I used tape in the back to hold the paper on.


Next for the eye.  I used white paper and black sharpie marker. I had a circle hole punch I used too.  But good old fashion trace a circle and cut would work too.  That is how I do a lot of crafts…  Take the circle hole punches and color in a black dot.  Now let the kids, if available, glue the eye onto the minion container.


That was it!  Pretty easy to make and the kids loved how they turned out.


To play just set out the “bowling pins” and roll a ball down to knock them over.  I found a small minion ball at the store.  This made it a cute minion bowling set.



DIY Minion Bowling Game for Kids



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