DIY or Homemade Piggy Banks

DIY or Homemade Piggy Banks
I am in love with these homemade piggy banks made by my boys. I have admitted before that we have several containers of normal everyday trash that I keep for potential projects.  However, most of the time, once it makes it into the box I forget about it.  I do have this stack of stuff often on top of the boxes.  These puff containers where on the box just staring at me and I knew I needed to put them to use or pack them up.  One day, when I walked past them, I just knew what we would finally do with them, piggy banks!

I am also in love with foam stickers from craftsprojectideas right now.  We have a few fun projects already completed with them, DIY Wind Chime, Wristbands  , and Swamp Water Bin.  So what better than to use them to make our piggy banks with.
DIY or Homemade Piggy Banks
Before I could even tell little brother to stick the stickers on the puff container, he made his own fine motors skills activity by putting the stickers down inside the piggy bank. 
DIY or Homemade Piggy Banks
After he played a while, we refocused and started to stick the stickers to the container. He used dinosaur stickers.
DIY or Homemade Piggy Banks

Big brother used space themed glow in the dark stickers for his bank.  He had me laughing as he had to stick one little alien inside the container to “watch” over his money. You may can see the hint of green coming from inside the container in the picture below. 

DIY or Homemade Piggy Banks
What we used:  2 Gerber Puff containers, foam stickers, and I used scissors. 
What to do:  Take the container and wash it out.  Remove the outer plastic wrapper.  Then take the scissors and cut out a slit in the top of the lid.  I did all the scissor work.  Now I gave both boys a container and stickers.  They put stickers all over their piggy banks.  Now how easy is that.  Even though they are super easy I think they just turned out great.  And the boys are so proud of their banks.  A great book to read to go with this craft could be Just A Piggy Bank by Mercer Mayer.
I think these might be cute gift ideas too.
As always we hope you and the kids can have fun with this too.

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