DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place

I enjoyed working with B. Toys to bring you this post.
We are HUGE B. Toy fans at my house.  Their Teepee was going to be the focal point of our new Book Nook/Quiet Space. I could not wait to get the new space set up for the kids.  With big brother learning to read this would be the perfect place for him to sit and practice.   The teepee would also be a great place for little brother to have quiet time on those days he needs a break or a rest. He is starting to get away from his naps but can still benefit from quiet time.  This teepee would also be a great place for all 3 of them to sit and listen while I read to them.  This is by far my favorite DIY project I have done for the kids yet.  It would not have come together without this B. Toys Teepee!
DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place for Kids on FSPDT

DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place

To get started with your own Book Nook or Quiet Place first find a great spot for it in your house.  For us it was an empty corner of our playroom.  Then pick up a B. Toys Teepee (they also have a girl colored one).  The teepee provides the perfect nook for almost any space.  It is easy to put together and light enough to move around with ease.  I just love the colors, feel, and design it offers.  Having one focal point for the book nook let me focus on what colors and theme to add to our space.

 DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place

What we used:

B. Toys Teepee (we received a free teepee to share our honest opinion with you on the product)

art for the wall


throw pillows


one stuffed animal

medium sized plastic crate

wooden letters

paper and string (to make the hanging wall art)

lots of yarn to make the pom pom flare for the crate

DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place

What to make for the walls:  

The hanging wall art- I cut circles out of blue cardstock and punched out little green circles.  I had some twine sitting out and used it as my string.  I used tape to add the circles to each end of the string.  I then used art/frame adhesive to hand up the hanging art. 

Large Circles and Canvas Art- I cut extra circles out to use on my canvas art wall. If I had more time I would have loved to make the canvas art with the kids but I bought these to speed things up. 

Wooden Letters- I left our wooden letter plain but you could paint, wrap with yarn, add stickers…

DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place

The book crate- it seemed so plain and I wanted to add a little flare to it for the space.  For this, call your mom and ask her to make you a dozen or so yarn pom poms, lol. Ok, this is true but that is the beauty of having a crafty mom who loves you and lives down the road. You can google “yarn pom poms” to make them or leave this step out.  I took the pom poms she made me and tied them on to the yarn I ran through the holes of the crate.

DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place

The inside of the teepee- I added a few colorful and soft throw pillows and one blanket.  You want to be extra comfortable when reading , right.  The inside of the book nook would not have been complete without man’s best friend, a stuffed dog.

DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place

One of the features of B. Toys Teepee you are not going to get  with any other teepee, the hanging light.  This light puts on one mesmerizing light show!  Have I mentioned I fit in this teepee, lol.  Yeah, I had to get inside and check this out for myself.

DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place

I added a fun rug to the entrance f the teepee.  This rug has become my spot to sit when I read to the 3 boys sitting in the teepee.

DIY Reading Book Nook or Quiet Place
Now grab your favorite book and climb inside for some reading fun or grab your favorite stuffed animal and take a breather in this quiet place fit for a prince.
We could not be happier with our B. Toys Teepee.  We already have several of their products and have always been impressed with the quality and design.  My kids want one, or two, of everything they make.
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