DIY Tire Obstacle Course

We were on our way to get new tires for my husband’s vehicle one morning.  When we got there the thought came to me, why not keep the old tires and find a fun way to play with them.  I didn’t have a specific idea of what to do them them but I knew we could have some fun.  I started brainstorming as to what I could do with them and what I thought the kids might enjoy.  A week later we have a tire obstacle course to play on.  Now I wished we had more tires for a few other ideas I thought of when getting this plan together.

My husband brought the tires home and set them out in the yard for us.  We first started by having some fun washing them.  We probably could have left them in the yard just to wash.  A few days later I stated to spray paint them.  Adding a few cheery colors to the tires just made them even more fun.  
Once they were dry I brought them on the porch.  I love our yard but in the summer the ants and heat are pretty bad.  So going out in the yard is something we do less.  The porch is our outside playspace.  It has become a little kids heaven.  It doesn’t hurt that I have them locked in and I can see them from the living room while taking care of baby brother. So for me to have the tires on the porch made sense.  For a few days the kids just rolled them around and sat on them.  They climbed over them too.  After seeing them play with them I had my idea that a Tire Obstacle Course would be perfect.
DIY Tire Obstacle Course

Once I had it set up the kids couldn’t wait to start climbing through and over the tires.  This activity is perfect  for my full of energy boys (I am sure little girls are too, I just don’t have any:).  It is great to let them out on our porch and they can run around and climb and crawl all in one place.  Great to get them outside and moving.  They can even go over to our Water Wall  to cool down after playing.

This tire obstacle course is great for them to work on gross motor skills, problem solving, taking turns, balance…  But most of all it is just FUN!  
We also go over the color of the tires and the shape.  We even count them.  This is easy for big brother but it is great to go over these for little brother.
As always we hope you can have fun with this idea too.

What I used for this project:  

4 old tires, 6 cans of colored spray paint(the yellow and orange needed 1.5 cans to coat well), and zip ties.

What I did for this project:  
We washed the tires.  Later I spray painted them.  Then brought to our porch.  I used zip ties to attach 2 tires standing up against the rails.  I left 2 tires loose and slide those up in front of the other tires(leaving these tires loose will allow for more play in the future).
I am sure this set up can be done in several different ways and in different places to suit you and your playspace.  For us the porch was ideal.

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