DIY Water Wall- kids activity for summer

So I have been seeing water walls all over pinterest since I logged in over there about 1.5 yr ago.  They always look like fun.  So this year I decided as part of our summer bucket list we would make our own.  One day while in Lowes for another reason I went down the aisle with pipes and remembered that the water wall was on our list.  I started looking through all the pieces to find ones I thought would work and that didn’t cost much.  We also got some zip ties while we where in there.  And of course before we left the boys had to go sit on ALL the lawn mowers.  I swear you would think they have never seen one before, they get so excited each time we go!  I love it though, seeing their smiles and joy from those things.  We finally made it out of there and back home.  We then got to work on our new water wall for the kids.
DIY Water Wall- kids activity for summer

DIY Water Wall kid activities for summer

Since the pipe pieces cost more than this mommy really wanted to spend, I found a few other ways to add to our water wall once we started.  Adding a few plastic jugs was a quick fix.  I have a few more ideas for our water wall  and if I update it this summer I will try and come back and share that with you all.
DIY Water Wall- kids activity for summer
What we used:
pipe, zip ties, plastic jugs, knife, duct tape.
Add this year:  pool noodles and funnels.
What we did:
First I took the pipe and placed them were I wanted them and wrapped the zip tie around it and tightened.  Then I went back and cut the extra off the zip tie   For the plastic jugs I cut out holes in 2 of them and put tiny holes in the bottom of one for a sprinkler affect.  For the milk jug, I added a little duct tape around the hole to cover the rough edges.  Last add water.
DIY Water Wall- kids activity for summer
Simple and fun. That is the way we like it over here.  This was easy to set up and didn’t cost much.  We also didn’t cause any permanent holes to the porch by using the zip ties so it can be removed with no worries.   So far my kids 2yr and 4yr have been having a lot of fun playing on the water wall.  They have used cups to dump water, water sprayers, spray bottles, and water cans.  They have slid plastic ice cubes down the pipe and hot wheels also.  Who knows what they will think of next.  If you too are looking for a fun and easy way to stay cool this summer you might love this simple water wall.  As always we hope you and your kids can have with this idea too.
DIY Water Wall- kids activity for summer

This years water play is being enjoyed by my 1yr , 3yr, and 5yr. They all love this water wall.  The simple added items made it even more exciting for them to play with this summer.

DIY Water Wall- kids activity for summer
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