DIY Yarn Paint Brushes

My kids love to paint.  I think a lot of kids love to paint.  Mine are quite often happy to just have store bought paint and paint brushes.  But sometimes it is just more FUN to make your own paint brushes.  DIY yarn paint brushes I made them were easy to make.  The kids just love the patterns they could make in their paintings too.  It was a fun afternoon of painting at our house.





DIY Yarn Paint Brushes



DIY Yarn Paint Brushes

diy paint brush


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Supplies/what I used:


Multicolored yarn- similar to this Lion Brand Yarn 430-208B Jiffy Thick and Quick Yarn, Rocky Mountains


lollipop sticks- similar to these Lollipop sticks 100 count 6 inch


paint from IKEA


white cardstock




How to make Yarn Paint Brushes:


I cut a long strand of yarn.  I then fold it it back and forth over itself.  I used the extra yarn hanging to tie it in half.  I cut the looped ends to make the paint brush.




I used the yarn and tied it to the lollipop stick at the end.  I tied it real tight.  The first one I made I only cut one looped end but the rest I cut both looped ends.  These seemed to be better.  I made four paint brushes.




I got out white cardstock( I like cardstock because it is thick paper), a small plate, paint, a plastic mat, and the yarn paint brushes. We used four colors of paint so each paint brush had its own color.




Now it was time to paint.  My 4yr smeared paint all over but my oldest quickly realized that dabbing the paint with the yarn paint brush made a pattern in the paint on the paper.  Little brother caught on to what big brother was doing and started dabbing his a little too.


yarn paint brush paintings with kids


This is a great process art project for kids.  Process art is a project with no end result that needs to be met like with a craft.  For this, I gave the kids the supplies and they took over on how and what to create.  I think this is also a great way to let the kids express themselves.   I love how each painting was beautiful and yet unique. I even got in on the fun and starting painting too.


Look forward to more fun painting days with my kids.


DIY yarn paint brush paintings with kids



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