Dump Truck Footprint

We love trying new footprint art.  The kids had so much fun with our Tractor Footprint art that we decided to try the Dump Truck  Footprint Art too.  The kids and I love getting the paint and paper out on days we are stuck inside or just to have fun.  We made several prints this day and did a little painting too.  The kids love the Dump Truck craft.




Dump Truck Footprint


Dump Truck Footprint


Dump Truck footprint-art

What we used/ supplies:


yellow and black construction paper


white cardstock


yellow paint


scrapbook scissors and regular scissors








How to make/ what we did:


We started out by making yellow footprints.  I painted the kids foot and pressed it on the white paper.  We left them to dry.  Once dry I came back and cut out 2 yellow circles.  I then used my scrapbook scissors to make 2 large black circles.   These were the wheels for the Dump Truck.  We glued them together and on to the footprint.  We cut out more yellow paper to make the dumper bucket on the back of the truck.  Last I used a brown sharpie to add a window.  Now at last we had a  fun and bright dump truck footprint craft to hang up!


We can not wait to get the paints out again and create more print art.  What to make next?


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