Easiest Water Wall Ever

My kids love simple water play.  I do too because they can stay cool and enjoy playing outside when it is hot.  We had a really fun water wall and I took it down.  I was going to move it and work on it this summer.  Well, I found these really awesome toys at Target the other day and knew they would be the easiest water wall ever for now.  They had so much fun playing with our new water wall we might just use this for the summer and hold off on putting the other one up.

water wall for kids


Easiest Water Wall Ever




Supplies/ what I used:


water toy from Target- found in the $1-$3 section


zip ties


water bins




How to put up/what I did:


I took my zip ties and wrapped them around the water toy.  I then attached it to the rail. So easy!  If you have a fence this would be great in the yard too.  You could probably put them on plastic chairs you have on the deck if you do not have railing.




Once they are up the kids can start playing.  We also added our plastic bins under them to catch the water.  It caught a little and gave them water to pour in.  They loved watching the wheels spin and the water fly out.



Since I have a 2, 4, and 6yr I put up 3 toys for our water wall.  This way they all got one.




Each one of them had a blast playing with the easiest water wall ever.  Perfect for a hot day to play and stay cool.  Fun sensory water play for the kids as well. Great way to work on scooping and pouring too.  The water wall was a hit with the kids!  So glad we found an easy way to keep them cool this summer when we play outside.


Easiest Water Wall Ever


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