Easter Chicks and Their Magically Beans

Two years ago we started a family tradition during Easter in which Easter chicks arrived at our house a few weeks before Easter.  We told the kids a story of the magic to come from these little chicks and how we would have to keeping waiting till Easter morning to see if they would really share their magic with us.
Easter Chicks and Their Magically Beans
This has become one of the kids favorite parts of Easter at our house.

How to make the chicks
What you need:
Plastic Easter eggs
googly eyes
hot glue gun
orange paper
What to do:
Cut small triangles out of the orange paper.  This will be the beak. Heat glue gun.  Glue on eyes and the beak. 
Easter Chicks and Their Magically Beans
Take an empty egg carton and cut the top off.  Place the “magic chicks” in here for safe keeping.  Or a small basket may work too.
How to make a flower pot
What you need:
flower pots- we got ours at the dollar tree
flower foam
Easter grass
hot glue gun
What to do:
Take the hot glue gun and glue the flower foam into the bottom of the flower pot.  cover the top with Easter grass.
Easter Chicks and Their Magically Beans
The Story of The Magic Chicks
The story of the magic chicks.  They arrived at your house and it is said that they will soon lay a magical bean. You have to check them each day to see if they have laid one. When you find a bean you must plant it and leave it overnight.  If it is truly a magical bean you will wake up to a surprise!
My kids just love this story and cannot hardly get out of bed in the morning before asking to go check the chicks.  
I really look forward to this year.  Little brother will be able to enjoy it as much as big brother and I think baby brother is going to like it as well.
Our first post on this can be found here Our magic chicks laid magic jelly beans.  As we go through the Easter tradition this year I will be taking new photos to update and complete this post.  I wanted to go ahead and share in case you and your kids might enjoy this ideas as well.

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