Easter Egg Craft- torn tissue paper

I am starting to get spring fever and can’t wait to spend most of our time outside playing and having fun doing activities that we have been unable to do for a while now.  We have had a few perfect days to get out and enjoy the great out doors.  Because of this and the lack of time to plan  I have been putting off crafting or really doing anything to prepare for Easter.  I am trying to push myself this week to get on the ball.  We do have out Easter decorations.  I am proud of that, in case you can’t tell.
Since we are going over the letter E for Egg (and the letter B for bunny) this month I thought we would do our first Easter themed craft of an egg.  Torn tissue paper eggs is an easy and fun craft for the kids and for moms or teachers to prep and clean up after.  Even though they are easy, I thought they turned out really cute.

 Easter Egg Craft- torn tissue paper 

What we used
pastel tissue paper
white cardstock
What we did
I tore up a little tissue paper and left some for the kids to tear up too.  I took a marker and drew an egg shape on the cardstock.  I added the letter E and the word Egg.  Now, I let my kids take over.  On this day I did the craft with little brother first while big brother was gone.  Little brother was offered to tear paper but refused.  He took the torn paper he saw on the counter.  He was really excited to get the glue out and start putting it all over the paper.  Then he was off to adding the tissue paper to the glue.  He got glue on his hands and didn’t like the feel of it.  I told him it was ok and we would wash them after.  This was not good enough for him so I grabbed a wipe and wiped his hand.  He then continued adding tissue paper and each time I had to wipe his hand, lol.  We left the egg to dry.

When big brother got home he was able to do his egg craft too.  Since he was older and saw the eggs that me and little brother made already, I was able to give him the supplies and let him go for it.  I did not grab the camera while he worked on his.  Big brother wanted to know why we didn’t make baby brother one.  I thought this was so sweet.  So I let big brother and little brother make him one.  I told big brother when baby brother was bigger he could make his own, but for now him and little brother would have to do it for him.

Here are a few of the eggs we made. This was easy for me to get together and fun for them to make.  It was great to be able to go over one of our letters we are learning while crafting.  I hope you and your kids can have some learning fun too.

Easter pin board to follow with a collection of great ideas

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