Easter Playdough Play- Fun and Easy Kid Activity

We love playing in playdough.  So with Easter coming up I was looking for a quick yet fun activity for me and the kids one morning. Easter playdough play is what we did.  My boys love any activity that involves playdough.  Once they saw me getting playdough out they couldn’t wait to start playing.  Since I was going for easy we used mostly bought playdough.  I did have a little white playdough leftover from Christmas we used also.Homemade or store bought, playdough is fun!

Easter Playdough Play- Fun and Easy Kid Activity

What we used
Cookie cutters
playdough- multiple colors
paper confetti
bunny confetti
Easter Playdough Play- Fun and Easy Kid Activity
What we did
I sat the playdough out with little frog plates I got at walmart.  I sat another plate out with the confetti on it for them to use to decorate the cutouts.  Since our rolling pin was missing, mommy became the “playdough masher”(haha).  I flattened the playdough for them and we made Easter themed cutouts to decorate.  We had a lot of fun spending time together.  This is classic fun and a great way to enjoy your kids while playing with them.  As always, we talked about the colors of the playdough and the shapes  to add a little learning to our activity.  Playdough is always great for working the little hand muscles.  We talked about our upcoming Easter lunch.  This simple playtime turned into a great conversation starter for us.  I love to hear my oldest talk and playing with him is a great way to enjoy that.  He talked about the family coming over and what we would do and who would be late, lol.  I never know what he will tell me and that is part of the charm to me.  
We played for about 30 minutes  and clean up was easy.  Big brother insisted we keep the playdough cutouts the way they are to give out to our guest on Easter Sunday.  And so, this simple playtime gave us party favors for our lunch Sunday.  
Easter Playdough Play- Fun and Easy Kid Activity
Sometimes its the simple things that mean the most to our kids.  This easy activity is a great way to make family memories.  As always we hope you and your kids can have some fun with this idea too.

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