Easter Sensory Sink

Easter Sensory Sink
Since the boys have been having so much fun playing in the sink, I took some of the items from our Easter Sensory Bin and let them play with them in the sink. Using what you already have is always a plus to me.  We also made a sensory bag out of these items too. However, I did not share a post on that.  It is an idea for you to use though.  
You can probably set this Easter sensory Sink up with things you already have in the house.  

What I used
food coloring-neon green
pink glitter
peppermint extract
grass, foam Easter cut outs, pom poms, Easter eggs shaped as chicks, bunnies, and carrots.
The great thing about a sensory sink is you can make it how you want. Add or change whatever works for you and your kids.
What we did
I took 3 of our Easter Egg Tissue paper crafts and hung them up on the mirror for decoration.  Then I added water to the sink.  I put a few drops of neon green food coloring in with pink glitter.  Then I added a little peppermint extract for scent.  Next, I stuffed the eggs with the Easter grass, pom poms, and foam cutouts.  Now I just needed the kids to come play.  Big brother was waiting patiently in his playroom and little brother just started to wake up as I finished setting up.  I called to big brother and went and got little brother and they both rushed into the bathroom to play.  They played for about 30 minutes.  At my house that is great.  These busy little movers go from activity to activity at my house.  
As always, I hope you and your kids can have some fun with this too.  It is a great last minute Easter activity for the kids.  So there is still time.
Easter Sensory Sink

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