Easy DIY Wrapping Paper~ the kids can make

I was needing to wrap a book for my son’s class party and couldn’t get to the wrapping paper in the attic.  I was trying to think of what to do to solve my problem and I remembered throwing out the brown paper that came in a package we got in the mail recently.  I got it out of the box that was still sitting outside in the garage.  The paper was in perfect condition and what a great way to recycle! Using it for DIY wrapping paper seemed perfect.

Easy DIY Wrapping Paper

 Now that I had paper I had to decide how to make it look nice.  I chose the easy way and let my son add foam Christmas stickers to the package.  I was so surprised at how nice it came out.  I think we will be wrapping more gifts like this.  You could even do this for a birthday gift and use different themed stickers.  Hope this idea may help you out too.

What you need: 
brown paper, foam stickers, tape, scissors.
What to do:
Cut paper for present and wrap.  Then let the kids add stickers to the paper.  I just love how it turned out. 

                                                      Easy DIY Wrapping Paper-Only need 2 things

Easy DIY Wrapping Paper

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