Easy Ideas for The Elf on the Shelf

Here are a few Easy ideas for the Elf on the Shelf  the kids will love.  We started  the Elf on the Shelf in 2012. Since then we have add one more and now each year our elves come back to visit and enjoy the pre-holiday season with us.  My kids are now 6yr, 3yr, and 2yr.  Each year they get so excited to see “Patch and Scout” return to our house.  We try to enjoy them by adding simple fun


Easy the elf on the shelf ideas kids love

Easy Ideas for The Elf on the Shelf

Here is what the elves have been up to:

*First day the elves came back they were on the fire place.  They left a note and a bucket of Christmas pajamas for the kids.  The older boys thought this was great.


*Another day the kids found the elves fishing in the kitchen.   My oldest thought this was so funny.


*On this day the boys found Patch & Scout hanging from our lights in the dinning room.  On the table was spelled out, with marshmallows,  BE GOOD.  Both boys liked this. You could have it say be kind or you are special. Spell out what you would like to have the elf say. 


*Here is one of the silly things our elf on the shelf has been up to.  The kids woke up to find that the elves had made a donut snowman for them.  They took tooth picks and used them as arms and nose and then used frosting to add m&m eyes.  The kids loved this.  What fun will they get into next?

elf on the shelf ideas
*Find the elf on the shelf raiding the pantry.  We found ours ready to decorate cookies with our sprinkles…
elf on the shelf idea
*Finding the elves in the fridge one morning eating cheese sticks was a big hit with our boys.
*Leave out triangles cut from green paper.  Add glue and glitter or confetti and let the kids make Christmas tree that day.
elf on the shelf idea
*Have them bring hot chocolate and wrap in washcloths because it is so cold! 
elf on the shelf ideas
 *Bringing Reindeer Glasses  for the kids
elf on the shelf ideas
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