Easy Outside Art Station

My kids love to take art outside.  One of their favorite art projects outside they just loved was tree painting this year.  This easy DIY art station was another hit with them as well.  Easy to set up and take down, it is fun for the kids to create a work of art.
Easy Outside Art Station

What I used:

a large piece of cardboard, yarn ( what I had), and scissors.

What I did:  

I cut holes in the top corners of the cardboard.  I threaded the yarn through the holes and then tied to the porch rails outside. 

Easy Outside Art Station

I used their wheelbarrow to set out their art supplies.  We used stickers, crayons, and a fave chalk!

Easy Outside Art Station

Now the kids were left to create their own masterpieces.  This is a wonderful open ended play idea for the kids. They get to make the rules up as they go.  It is a great way to work on mark making and strengthening the muscles in their hands.  They also get to use their imagination to create their own picture as they see fit. 

Easy Outside Art Station
We got to keep the art station up a few days before it rained.  Then it was time to throw it away.  By now their wasn’t much space left to color.  The great thing is we can set up another station the next time we have a piece of cardboard.  I think it may even be possible to hang up poster board this way too. 
Look forward to our next art station and to see what the kids create. 

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