Edible Cream Cheese Playdough

Whoo, it is time for this month’s 12 months of sensory dough post!  This time we are sharing a new edible playdough recipe with you.  We have shared edible peanut butter playdough, edible frosting playdough, and Marshmallow Playdough-edible & fun before.  Today I have a new one to share. Edible cream cheese playdough. This is an easy no cook playdough recipe.  It is also peanut butter free playdough recipe.  It had a light scent and great texture.  The kids loved it.  They did taste test it but said it was not so yummy they wanted to keep eating it, lol.  I loved that because the sugary peanut butter playdough I can never get them to stop eating it.  Even though this playdough is edible, I do not suggest you sit down and eat the playdough by the fist fulls.  However, if the kids taste a little it is taste safe playdough.  So, eat or not, either way playing with it is definitely FUN!


edible cream cheese playdough


Edible Cream Cheese Playdough

how to make cream cheese playdough


Supplies/what we used:


16 oz cream cheese


2 TBS honey


2 1/2 cups non fat dry milk


2 cups flour


cream cheese playdough


How to make edible cream cheese playdough:


I opened the cream cheese and placed them in a bowl.  I then added 2 TBS of honey.  Next I mixed in 2.5 C non fat dry milk.  I started mixing it with a spoon but quickly went to mashing it up with my hands.  Once it was mixed it was nothing more than a sticky mess. Yeah, not everything we try turns out.  This happened with our frosting playdough too. Well there was no way this frugal mom was going to put this in the trash.  I was going to find a way to make this sticky mush into playdough!  I had 3 little boys waiting on me to set them up with a playdough tray. I started adding flour slowly and mixing it more with my hands.  After 2 cups of flour the sticky mush was gone and we had playdough!  Sometimes you take mush and make playdough, lol.



edible playdough recipe

YAY, now that we had a cream cheese playdough recipe that worked it was time to play. If you follow my blog you know I love simple setups.  As a mom of 3 and my oldest 7yr I have had years of trying it different ways and simple is always a hit with my kids. The “less is more” approach works for us.  Great thing about a playdough tray is you can modify it and set it up the way your child or class would enjoy.


cream cheese playdough for sensory play

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What I used on the tray:


cream cheese playdough

rainbow  plastic knives from –Ikea 36-piece Dinnerware Set, Assorted Colors

rainbow straws cut up- Kizmos Jumbo Flex Straws, Assorted, 125 Count

sprinkles- Wilton 710-4065 Rainbow Nonpareils Food Decorative, 7.5-Ounce

clear tray- IKEA – SMULA Tray, translucent polypropylene (X2)


rainbow theme play with playdough



For picture reasons I had each kid take a turn alone with the playdough to start.  Trying to snap pictures of 3 kids all grabbing can be hard.  My 4yr sat down and worked on cutting the playdough with the plastic knives.  This is a great life lesson skill for him to practice. Next my 3yr came along and pressed down the straws in the playdough.  This is a great fine motor skills activity.  We also went over the colors of the rainbow (minus violet because we only had one shade of purple straw). Then my oldest came out and all three kids sat around the table and played together.

cream cheese edible playdough recipe

So this playdough tray is great for LIFE LESSONS- practice cutting, FINE MOTOR SKILLS- pressing straws in the playdough, COLOR RECOGNITION- going over the colors of the rainbow from the knives and straws, and SENSORY PLAY- the touch, sight, smell, and taste of the playdough. This activity is also great for pretend play, letting the kids express themselves, working on sharing, and sibling bonding. So many great things from one simple play activity.

cream cheese edible playdough

Now we can not wait for next month to bring you a new sensory dough recipe. Until then have fun playing and learning!

cream cheese playdough recipe for sensory play




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