Edible Frosting Playdough

Can you believe we have made it to the end of the year!  Or almost, but for 12 Months of Sensory Dough this is the end of the year for us today. I have had a blast sharing new play recipes each month.  This month it is all about Edible Playdough.  Playdough the kids can eat and want to eat because it taste so good, lol. We made edible peanut butter playdough a few years ago and my kids loved it.  I wanted to try making frosting playdough again but without peanut butter this time.  I had two reasons I did not want to use peanut butter.  One reason being I wanted to offer my readers with little ones with peanut butter allergies a chance to try this playdough out.  Second reason, I wanted pretty white playdough not brown.  I know, a little crazy but that’s ok.  I just love how the edible frosting playdough turned out.  The white color was perfect for upcoming winter.  It could have been called winter dough, lol.  Whatever you call it, it is easy to make and fun sensory play for the kids.  I even had fun playing with it too.


edible frosting playdough no peanut butter recipe

Edible Frosting Playdough



Supplies/what I used:

  • vanilla frosting
  • powder sugar
  • butter
  • flour



How to make frosting playdough:


Grab a bowl and place 4 TBS of soft butter inside.  Next add 1 container of vanilla frosting.  Then, I hate to say, I just started pouring in powdered sugar.  I would say 2-3 cups probably. I hoped the sugar would be enough to make the dough moldable and not sticking but it was not.  So I did what I would do if my cookie mix was too sticky, I added flour.  I again was just pouring.  You have to know my hands were my mixer so grabbing a measuring cup and filling it at this point was not happening.  One of my sons even came to my rescue to pour the rest of the flour in for me. I would start with 2 cups.  Add more if dough is still sticky.  Once the dough was not sticky but moldable it was done!




If you follow my blog you know I love my IKEA tray for playtime!  So I grabbed it out and some go to play dishes and set the kids up an inviting play activity. I molded the edible frosting dough into a ball and sat it on the tray.  Adding sprinkles just seemed like the right thing to do next.  The colorful sprinkles are always a hit with my kids.


edible playdough


Little brother got lucky today and had a go at the frosting playdough tray all by himself.  One brother was napping and one brother was still at school.


edible playdough


He sat down and started pulling pieces of playdough off to start.  He then moved on to cutting.  Lots of little hand muscles working out during playtime.  Working on fine motor skills is fun.


non peanut butter edible frosting playdough


I helped him flatten out the playdough.  He made some cookies and some other fun treats in the small bowls for me to try. I am so excited about how this non peanut butter edible playdough recipe turned out.  It had a fun texture and the kids said it tasted really good.


edible playdough for kids


Play recipes are always fun for me to make and I am always thrilled the kids have fun with them too.


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edible peanut butter playdough

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Marshmallow Playdough-edible & fun




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