Egg Painting

We had Jelly Bean Paints left and a bunch of hard boiled eggs we had decorated.  I had held on to them a few days too many and knew it was time for them to go to the trash.  We had a lot of fun decorating the eggs and making jelly bean sensory paints.  However, I felt we could find at least one more way to use them before they went to the trash.  Finally it was like a light bulb went off, Egg Paintings!  And why not make it really exciting for a group of energetic boys.  I am so glad they had a blast Egg Painting with this simple yet exciting set up. 
Egg Painting for kids

Egg Painting

What we used:
colored construction paper
roll paper
tray (I grabbed one out of the kids tool bench- it was perfect)
                 Egg slide Painting
What we did:
I took the roll paper we got from IKEA and rolled it out on the slide. I used packaging tape to tape it to the slide. Then I placed the tray at the bottom of the slide.  
Egg Painting

I brought out the eggs and paints from the house, as well as a few sheets of extra large construction paper.

Egg Painting

To start I gave the kids the eggs.  Place one sheet of construction paper in the tray and pour some paint over it.

Egg Painting

The kids then quickly went to sliding them down the slide.  The kids asked if it was ok to slide eggs because they would break.  I told them this was also a science experiment to see how many times we could slide an egg before it cracked.  They liked that.  Simple science is always a hit over here.

Egg Painting

They found that each egg was different.  Some cracked after a roll and others took many trips down the slide before the shell cracked.

Egg Painting

We still had plenty of paint left so we also poured some on the slide to roll the eggs through.  Once they rolled the eggs into the tray we came over and gave it a shake.

Egg Painting

After letting each kid make their own artwork ( 3 kids + 3 turns sliding all the eggs down) we got a trash bag and trashed all the eggs.  

Egg slide Painting

I brought a few wipes outside for the kids to use on their hands. Surprisingly, we all (me because I was standing in front of the slide taking pictures) came out pretty clean.  A little paint on my pants and a few spots here and there on the kids shirts and pants.  Great thing is it all washed out!  This was a play date activity for us.  I was so glad the boys all had fun with this sensory art activity.  It was hands on and got them moving.  That was a big hit with these busy boys.  We left the art to dry in the sun and went on to more playing.

Our final artwork!

I came back early evening to check on the paintings.  Each of them had dried.  I just love how the jelly bean paints give it a raised look.  
Egg Painting

Each one was different but so pretty.  I just love the colors.  This was a great process art project for the kids ages 5 and 3yr.

Egg Painting

The paint does dry hard on the paper and will crumble a little if not careful.  

Egg Painting by kids

I love that even a few pieces of egg shell are noticed in the artwork, just giving it a little extra character.

Egg Painting artwork
love the piece of egg shell mixed in with the paint
We hope that you and your kids can enjoy this too.
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