Epsom Salt Rose Dough

It is time for this month’s dough post to go with 12 Months of Sensory Dough Series.


We love play recipes!  I love making them and the kids love playing and exploring with them.  It is a win win for us.  This month I really wanted to make rose dough.  I sought out rose oil and almost passed out at the price tag, lol.  I finally found one I could afford and placed an order for it.  However, it is on back order.  I still really wanted to make rose dough.  I set out to the dollar tree to see what I could find that might be rose scented to try and use.  The only thing I saw was rose Epsom salts. So here went nothing.  I purchased the Epsom salt and headed home to see if I could, or how I would, whip this into a dough. 



Epsom Salt Rose Dough


Epsom Salt Rose Dough

Epsom Salt Rose Dough


 What I used/ supplies :


cream of tartar




cornstarch (corn flour uk)


pink gel food coloring


olive oil


rose dough


How to make:


I took my white playdough recipe and adapted it to this epsom salt rose dough.  I left the table salt out and added a cup of epsom salts.  I know they are not the same!  I had my table salt on the counter waiting to see what would happen.  I poured all  the ingredients into the pan and cooked on med high heat.  I stirred for a few minutes and I did not think it was going to thicken up.  I added 1/2 cup of table salt to the pan.  I continued to stir.  After a few minutes it started to firm up. When the dough was sticking to my spoon I pulled it out and set it on a plate to cool. As you can see above on the right I pulled the dough from the pan on the spoon.  Once the rose dough cooled I kneaded it to form a pretty ball and then flattened it out a bit.  Now we had Epsom Salt Rose Dough.  It smelled amazing and I loved that the epsom salt gave it a crystal texture.  

epsom salt rose dough play recipe


I set the kids up with a simple invitation to play.  I placed the rose dough on a heart tray. I added cut up paper straws and I could not find any fresh roses I liked at the store that am, so I gave them rose soap petals to play with.  Simple yet fun.  They used the straws to build with the playdough and made flowers with them too.  After playing a little while they starting throwing balls of playdough at each other.  Oh boy oh boy, I love these guys.  Another fun afternoon at my house.  I can not wait to get this out again.  To store just seal in a ziploc bag.  



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