Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree

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With 3 young kids I must be ready for anything! Especially on the go. Recently, I found Angel Soft® to-go facial tissues when shopping at Walmart.  This is one of our favorite stores. I love these facial tissues more than others because of the convenient packaging sizes and water/crush resistance packaging. We found them in 2 sizes at the store; a pack of  4 smaller ones and one large one.  I love the smaller ones for my purse or stroller.  The one large pack is great for the kitchen counter or back of the SUV.  If you are like me you can never have enough tissue close by for juice spills, runny noses, and to wipe paint of little hands.   We also found that these  Angel Soft® to-go facial tissues came in handy for arts and craft time at my house too!!  I just love how this Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree turned out.
Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree #kidcraft #ad

Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree

Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree
 The 2 different size packs I found at Walamrt.
Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree
What we used for our craft:
construction paper
Angel Soft® to-go facial tissues
Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree
What we did:
I drew a trunk with a brown marker.  Then the kids added glue dots on the tree top.  They tore up facial tissue and pressed it down to the glue.  We let it dry while we went out to run errands.  
The smaller packs came in handy in the SUV.  My oldest who is hard to reach, in the third row, got his own pack of Angel Soft® to-go facial tissues to keep with him.  Now the next time he has a runny nose or spills his drink he has tissue to take care of it.
Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree
When we got back home we got the watercolors out and painted the tissue paper/leaves on the tree.  I just love how it turned out.
Facial Tissue Rainbow Tree
You never know what life will throw at you or what you can dream up as to how to put these Angel Soft® to-go facial tissues to use.  I look forward to keeping them handy for us to use as needed.
 Tissue Rainbow Tree Craft for kids
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