Fall Scented Ice Cream Dough – Sensory Play Activities

If you missed it, I already shared our fun new recipes for fall scented ice cream dough this week HERE.  
I started out with 4 fall themed sensory tables to bring you all but had a few ideas left.  I asked my FB page if they wouldn’t mind a few more posts and they liked that idea.  We made Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spice scented ice cream dough for this week’s fall inspired sensory table.  
 Fall scented ice cream dough sensory play

Fall Scented Ice Cream Dough – Sensory Play Activities



This week I wanted to show you that you do not need a sand/water table to use for sensory table play.  A simple bin on top of a table works just as well.  This under the bed storage container has been through almost 2 years of play now and still going.  I do rinse after playing and keep it stored inside. 
One of the key influences in making fake ice cream was our new ice cream sand toys from IKEA.  We had a lot of fun at the beach with them and I couldn’t wait to try them in a new sensory play activity.

pretend play ice cream shop

Our set up:

I added the ice cream dough to the 2 green containers that came in the play set.  I added the cones, scoops, and cups that also came in the set (that I got for 99 cents on sale!)  I added a bowl of sprinkles (from dollar tree), and 2 shakers with sprinkles that I had no plans on using.  We wont talk about my baking supply addiction or as I like to think of it as being prepared:)  Also added a spoon for the sprinkles.  Easy set up and not cluttered.   I often like to leave room for them to play inside the bin or table.  Having lots of stuff can be fun too.

Fall Scented Ice Cream Dough- Sensory  Play by FSPDT
Caramel Apple




What we did:

Once the bin sat down on the table the kids were in it playing.  My 2 yr really loves playing with the sprinkle containers.  We have used them in a few of the other sensory tables and he just loves shaking them.


They scooped and sprinkled the ice cream dough.  This was a huge hit with both my 4.5 yr and 2 yr.

This Fall table is perfect for pretend play, creativity, imagination, and exploring the senses.  This was a great time for the kids to work on sharing too.  I most often make one bin and they have to share the space.  I do try to put 2 of each thing inside for them when I have it.  
They were both so proud of their creations and served me up many yummy dishes and cones full of ice cream.
This did get messy and the ice cream made its way to the deck.  I left it a little while and went back and swept most of it off with ease.  Some of it was stuck but it will come off when it rains again, lol.  You can also play in the yard or elsewhere if you are worried about the mess.  The kids had so much fun that the little mess was ok with me.
As always we hope you and the kids can enjoy this idea too.

Sweet Potato “ooey gooey” Goop:

Corn Sensory Play- Fall Sensory Table



Pumpkin Soup

Bird Seed- Fall Sensory Table 

Fall Sensory Table

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