Fall Sensory Play Ideas

I get excited about most seasons because they all bring something different to the table.  However, I just LOVE Fall or Autumn.  The weather here starts to cool off, the bugs start disappearing, apple picking, visits to the farm, and most of all, everything pumpkin spice! Yeah, these are things I love about fall but my kids they don’t really care what season it is as long as they can play.  Sensory play has long been a favorite way to play for my children.  It is great for multiple ages and there are sooooo many possible sensory play activities to try.  They never get bored because we can mix it up.  This post focuses on simple and fun sensory play ideas for sensory tables and/or sensory bins. Also, they are all great for Fall!


Fall Sensory Play Ideas great for sensory tables or bins


Fall Sensory Play Ideas

Fall Sensory Play Ideas

*Sweet Potato “ooey gooey” Goop- Fall Sensory Table


*Fall Sensory Table with Bird Seed 

*Apple Scented Sensory Play- Fall Sensory Table


*Pumpkin Spice Oobleck Recipe


*Fall Scented Ice Cream Dough – Sensory Play Activities


*Corn Sensory Play- Fall Sensory Table


*Apple Scented Sensory Noodles


From around the web:

Simple and Fun Fall Sensory Play

*Pumpkin Boasts Fall Sensory Play Idea from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls


*Wet and Dry Fall Sensory Table from Simple Fun for Kids 


*Fall Leaves Soup from And Next Comes L


*Acorns and Leaves Fall Sensory Bin from Sir the Wonder


*Pumpkin Washing Sensory Bin from Where the Imagination Grows 


*Pumpkin Scented Rice Sensory Bin from Hands on as we Grow


*Fall Sensory Bin with Practical Life and Math Activities from Living Montessori Now 


*Fall Harvest Sensory Bin Play Fine Motor from Little Bins Little Hands 


*Candy Apple Rice Fall Sensory Play from  Learn Play Imagine


*Fall Sensory Bin from Happy Hooligans 



More ideas you might enjoy:

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