Fall Tree- abstract art for kids


What was your favorite subject in high school?  One of mine was art!  I came across my paper mache cat I have saved for many years from high school the other day and it got me thinking of those fun projects I worked on while in school.  Abstract Art (simple lines, shapes, and color) came to mind.  The thoughts came and left and I went on with my days. Then while preparing goodie bags for my sons Color Orange party at school (to thank his class for their efforts in the mini can food drive in September),  the idea came to me to use the leftover brown paper bags and orange paper to make abstract art trees with the kids.  

Fall Tree- abstract art for kids by FSPDT

Fall Tree- abstract art for kids

What we used:

I had leftover paper bags  from where I cut the tops off to shorten them. So I ended up with the brown strip you see above(several of them). We used those.  I had bits of orange paper leftover and we used that too.  I then got out yellow, red, and green paper and cut some up with scissors and scrapbooking scissors.  I also used the hole punch.  DIY colored glue-brown, and white cardstock.  I used clear glue with my toddler.



My toddler and I worked on one together.  We did ours while big brother was at school one day.  My tot, glue, and a camera on the table don’t always go well together so I kept the camera put up that day, lol.  When my oldest worked on his tree I did get the camera out to take a few photos.

I put all the cut up colored paper into a ziploc bag.  I sat it out with the white paper and piece of brown bag.  I got out the  brown glue we made.  Now I showed my son the tree my toddler and I had made together and told him he could make one too.  He was ready!

What we did:
He glued the brown bag down as the tree trunk.  Then I helped him create  swirling and intertwined “branches” with the brown glue.  He then began choosing the cut up pieces to create his interpretation of a tree.  By giving him the paper pieces all cut up in different shapes and patterns it gave  a wonderful abstract look to our fall tree.
I love sitting down with  my oldest and crafting one on one,  It gives us a minute to talk while he works on his project.  I know I will cherish these days forever.  I hope you and your kids can make a few fun memories creating an Abstract Tree too.


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