Finding Something New To Paint- A TREE

While outside playing one afternoon I thought to myself why not let them paint outside.  I kept thinking about what they would paint.  Of course traditional paper is always fun but I was hoping to try something new for us.  While running around the yard with them I thought why not paint that tree.   We expected to have rain in a few days so it would just wash away.  I ran inside and grabbed a few supplies and came back to let the kids start on their sensory art project.
Finding Something New To Paint- A TREE

Finding Something New To Paint- A TREE

Finding Something New To Paint- A TREE
Both my 2yr and 4yr love paint.  We do not paint as much as they would like. This day was a great day to paint.  The weather was nice and daddy was home to help with baby brother!!
Finding Something New To Paint- A TREE
The boys couldn’t wait to start painting the tree.  I sat down the paint and gave them both a brush.  They put paint on their brushes and started painting the tree.  A spot here and a spot there.  They were having a good time.  We talked a little about the tree.  The boys got to see the bark up close as they painted. They felt it and said it was rough. They got to enjoy being outside and got to paint while out there.We ran out of paint before they were ever through having fun with this activity.  I can see us trying this again in  the near feature.
Finding Something New To Paint- A TREE
It has been several weeks since we painted the tree. The rain we have had on and off washed the paint away and the tree is doing great.  Now what to paint next.
What we used
finger paint, paper plate, paint brushes, and tree


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