Fine Motor Heart Drop Activity


We bought little clear red plastic hearts before and the kids loved them.  I had no clue where I had put them.  On a trip to the store I came across more and picked up a pack for a $1.  I brought them home to use this time for photo props but I knew the kids would play with them too.  One afternoon, little brother found them on my desk and quickly ran off with them.  He wanted to play with them.  They probably would have ended up being hauled by one of their many trucks.  That is a fun activity all it’s own.  However, I was not crazy about them getting lost or picked up by baby brother when I was not looking.  I asked him if he wanted to sit down and work on his writing muscles in his hands.  He said yes.  I grabbed a few things that were close by and set him up with a Fine Motor Heart Drop Activity.  Great for strengthening little hands while playing.



fine motor heart drop for kids







Fine Motor Heart Drop Activity


fine motor drop


 What we used/ supplies:


little hearts




bowls and jars from our “SAVE ME” pile – these come in handy for so many things and I do not care if the kids destroy them. 


tweezers from our science kit


heart fine motor skills for kids


 What to do or how to play:


Place the tray on the table for the child.  Mine is 3.5yr doing this activity.  For younger kids I would try dry cereal so if they eat that it is ok.  For older kids add in simple math and let them practice adding and subtracting…  


fine motor skills for kids


Once the tray was on the table, little brother set out to get all the hearts into the jar.  The hearts were a little hard to grab with these tweezers.  We have kitchen tongs we often use that have rubber grips to pick up some items.  They would have worked better.  But he kept at it until the jar was half full.  Then we switched over to using his hands.  Either way he was still working on his tiny hand muscles. 



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