Fine Motor Skill Heart Craft

We love simple torn paper or scissor skills crafts at my house.  With young kids tearing paper is a fun way to work on those tiny hand muscles.  Since my kids are different ages sometimes the older kids enjoy cutting up their paper for these crafts and the little one can just tear his.  That is what we did for this fine motor skill heart craft.  One made torn paper hearts and one practiced his scissor skills and cut his paper for his heart craft.  Great for me they both had fun and got to craft together.  This cute and simple heart craft is a  great  valentine’s day activity for kids.


torn paper heart craft

Fine Motor Skill Heart Craft



Supplies for fine motor heart craft:


foam shaped hearts – I found mine at dollar store


pink, red, and purple paper- we used cardstock paper




scissors – optional for older kids

heart craft for toddlers


How to make a torn paper heart craft with kids:


To start I let the kids pick out what color foam shaped hearts they wanted.  I then gave my youngest paper to work on tearing up.  My older child worked on cutting up his paper.   Once the paper was torn and cut they moved on to adding glue to their foam hearts.  After the hearts had glue all over them they added the pieces of paper to it.  We then left the hearts to dry.


This is such a simple Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers but still a lot of fun. I remember doing torn paper crafts with my oldest at this age.  One example is our Fine Motor Skill Clover Craft .  And he will still get in on making these types of crafts with the younger kids.  I love that we can all hang out and have fun together no matter what we are doing or crafting.

fine motor skill heart craft for kids



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