Fingerprint Apple Cards

We love print arts and crafts.  We decided to make some easy apple fingerprint cards one afternoon.  These cute little cards could be given to teachers, friends, or family.  We look forward to writing notes to family on ours.  We already had everything we needed in the craft closet to make them too.  For my oldest this will be a great way to work on his writing too.


apple fingerprint card craft for kids

apple fingerprint card craft for kids


Fingerprint Apple Cards


how to make fingerprint apple cards


Supplies/what we used:


red paint


brown and green sharpies


white cardstock paper






How to make/what we did:


I added some red paint to a plate.  I took white cardstock paper and folded and cut in half. My son dipped his finger in the paint and made 3 prints on each card.   We left them to dry.




Once they had dried I came back with a sharpie and drew in a stem and a leaf.  I used the green and brown sharpies for this. The kids can do this too.


Now we had simple and cute apple cards to send out to family.


fingerprint apple craft



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