Fingerprint Candy Cane Ornament

Today for the Holiday Print Art series ( from FSPDT and House of Burke) I am sharing our Fingerprint Candy Cane Ornaments we made.  The kids love making print art.  This year they have their own little Christmas tree so making their own ornaments for it has been fun.  When I saw these cork board coasters at IKEA all I could think of was what cute Christmas ornaments we could make with them.  One morning we got them out and created these cute tree ornaments for the kids. 
Fingerprint Candy Cane Ornament

candy cane ornament
What we used:
cork board coasters from IKEA ( 99 cents for 4)
hole punch
candy cane fingerprint art
What we did:
My 3yr insisted that he needed a yellow and black candy cane.  In the name of creativity I let him go for it. We dipped his finger in the black paint and made 5 fingerprints leaving space in between for the yellow fingerprint to follow. I just did the black fingerprints in the design I thought would fit a candy cane.  After that we repeated this with the yellow paint.  
candy cane fingerprint ornament
 I then made one with baby brother and big brother made one on his own with a little help.  I used the hole punch to add a hole to the top on the coaster.  I then cut ribbon for us to thread into the hole and tie. 
 candy cane ornament
 Once dry, I took them outside to photograph them on some of our cypress trees.  We have a white christmas tree this year and did not think it would look good in a picture, lol.
fingerprint candy cane art
The oh so creative black and yellow candy cane that I love is pictured above.  Wonderful memories to hold on to for a lifetime. We just love crafting and making simple things.  We hope you can to. 
Head over to House of Burke to see: Pom Pom Christmas Tree 
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