Fingerprint Coconut Tree

We could not do just one beach inspired fingerprint craft so we had to try our “finger” at a coconut tree too.  Yesterday we brought you our Fingerprint Crab Family and today we have the Fingerprint Coconut Tree craft for kids.
We were inspired for this project from this Pin on Pinterest.
Fingerprint Coconut Tree

Fingerprint Coconut Tree

Fingerprint Coconut Tree

What we used:

paints given to us by

white paper


paint brush

most important, a kids finger:)

Fingerprint Coconut Tree

What we did:

My oldest used his finger with a little help from me to make a tree trunk.  Then he used green and made fingerprint leaves.  I went back with a paint brush and gave the leaves some texture.  Then he added 5 coconuts for his family.

On the bottom we did fingerprint sand too.  Then he wanted a few birds on there.  I added those with a sharpie.

Fingerprint Coconut Tree
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