Fingerprint Crafts for Kids

I am a bit obsessed, yes I admit it, with print art.  The art you can make with hands, feet, and FINGERS! I really love fingerprint art because fingers are small and the paint mess is usually less if you wipe quickly after the prints are made.  Less clean up too for me.  And of course, the main reason I love fingerprint art, is the super cute creations you and the kids can make.  We have made everything from caterpillars to sharks with just a few fingerprints on paper.  My kids always love seeing the transformation from prints to creations. I went searching for some of the greatest fingerprint arts and craft projects around.  Here is what I found.

Fingerprint Crafts for Kids



Fingerprint Crafts for Kids


Rainbow Caterpillar Fingerprint Craft on FSPDT


Mix It Up Book Inspired Fingerprint Art on FSPDT


Fingerprint Fish Craft for Kids on Where Imagination Grows


Fingerprint Fish Art for Kids on FSPDT


“You Make My Heart Soar” Fingerprint Card on I Heart Arts N Crafts


Fingerprint Shark Art on FSPDT


Rainbow Fingerprint Flower ~ Family Art on FSPDT


Penguin Family Fingerprint Art on FSPDT


Cute Fingerprint Snail Craft for Kids on Crafty Morning 


Fingerprint Coconut Tree on FSPDT


Animal Spots – Fingerprint Paint Fun for Toddlers on Powerful Mothering 


Fingerprint Crabs on FSPDT


Fingerprint Peas – LMNO Peas Craft on Craftulate 


Fingerprint Bugs on FSPDT


Fingerprint Fish Aquarium Craft on Fun Handprint Art

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