Fingerprint Halloween Treat Bags

I just loved how our Fingerprint Reindeer Wrapping Paper turned out last year.  So when I got to thinking of how to decorate Halloween treat bags, fingerprints came to mind.  I had no clue at first what I would make out of the fingerprints but with a little thought pumpkins, bats, and spiders came to mind.  Fingerprint Halloween Treat Bags are easy to make and the kids can help with the most important part, the fingerprints.  Now to get the paint out.
Fingerprint Halloween Treat Bags on FSPDT

 Fingerprint Halloween Treat Bags

A few of the bags we made

Supplies/What we used:

white paper bags

finger paint


What we did/how to make:

I got lots of paint out and the paper bags.  My son came and helped put fingerprints all over the bags. We used orange for pumpkins, black for bats, and purple for spiders.  We even made a few pink fingerprints and turned them into bats and spiders too.

A few days, or weeks, later I got the sharpies out and started turning his prints into spiders, bats, and pumpkins.  I added ears and wings to the bats, green stems to the pumpkins, and pink and purple legs and eyes to the spiders. Now we had fun, not scary, treat bags.  Lastly we will fill them up and give them out during the Halloween class party.
 fingerprint art Halloween treat bags
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