Fingerprint Shark Art

Shark Week started August 10th (updated post- shark week is a different date this year 2018).  I have told myself year after year that next year me and the kids will do something fun for shark week. Well, here it is almost the end of shark week and I finally have a post for you.  If you follow my blog for fun kid activities and craft ideas, then you know we LOVE fingerprint art.  A few weeks ago I did buy the boys some shark printed snack bags at Target.  I was getting a bag out this week and thinking of what to do with the boys and Fingerprint Sharks came to mind.  The one image on the bag looked just like a finger to me.  So we set out to make shark art for shark week!
fingerprint shark art for kids

Fingerprint Shark Art

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What we used:
 finger paint similar to Crayola 6 Count Fingerpaints (8 Ounces)
paper plate
Fingerprint Shark Art
You can see we made more than fingerprint sharks  We also made Footprint Sharks or “heel print” sharks.
What we did:
I mixed white and black paint to get grey.  I then let the kids dip their finger in the paint and make fingerprints.  We left it to dry.  We made all the prints at the beginning of shark week but here at the end did I finally have time to get the sharpies out and take photos.  I got out the snack bag for inspiration and started drawing over and around the fingerprints to transform them into sharks.  The fingerprints were a light grey so I used the grey sharpie and traced around it and then added a little height on top.  I then took the red sharpie and traced teeth on the print and colored in the mouth part.  The light grey worked great for looking like teeth.  2 dots for the eyes. Added some water and done!  Now we have a cute shark family to hang up.
Fingerprint Shark Art for Shark Week
BONUS:  Heel Print Sharks
Footprint Heel print Shark Art

We used the same supplies for them too.

Footprint Heel print Shark Art

I took each kid, one at a time, and made their heel print on construction paper.  Then added the sharpie to it as I did for the fingerprint sharks.

Footprint Heel print Shark Art
Now we finally have a fun shark craft to share for shark week and the kids just love making prints.  The also loved how their sharks turned out.  We hope you can have fun with this too.
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