Firework Tie Dye Shirts

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I often buy the kids shirts for the 4th of July.  This year I wanted to do something different. Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye (America’s Favorite Tie Dye) would be a fun project for the family.  The results were fun multi-colored shirts for us to wear this summer. We set out to make Firework Tie Dye Shirts to enjoy.  If you want to Tie Dye Your Summer   look here for inspiration.
Firework Tie Dye Shirts

Firework Tie Dye Shirts

Tulip One-Step makes unique masterpieces with bold colors.  The dyes are permanent and color fast, so they won’t fade when washed.
Firework Tie Dye Shirts

What we used:

Tulip One-Step Tie Dye in the bottle( I love the bottles!  It was so easy for the kids to use this way.)

white shirts

plastic wrap

gloves and rubber bands that came with tie dye kit

The kids were so excited to make new shirts.  I had new shirts that I planned to decorate.  I had several shirts of the kids that were faded or stained.  I got a few of those out to let the kids decorate as they wished.

Firework Tie Dye Shirts

What we did:

I added warm water to the bottles of dye.  I then took all our supplies outside.

Firework Tie Dye Shirts

There is also an instruction paper in the kit that gives examples of how to use the rubber bands for different affects with the tie dye. We looked at that and picked some to try.  We put rubber bands on the shirts, then started to add the tie dye to them

Firework Tie Dye Shirts
this shirt I did not wrap in plastic wrap.  I hung it on the fence to set.

I did leave one shirt without any rubber bands.  I just shook the bottle over the shirt to create a unique design.

Firework Tie Dye Shirts

Once all the shirts were covered with dye, we wrapped them in plastic wrap.  We let them set for 6-8 hrs.  This is messy.  The kids did better than I did about not getting the dye on them but my feet were covered with tie dye.

Firework Tie Dye Shirts

I came back for the shirts after they had set.  I rinsed them all one by one in the sink (without gloves) and this is why my hands ended up purple, lol.  I then placed them together in the washer and washed and hung to dry.

Firework Tie Dye Shirts

Now we had awesome Firework Tie Dye Shirts to wear for 4th of July.  The perfect thing about these shirts is that we can wear them all summer long and enjoy the red, white, and blue color scheme.  

Little brothers shirt

This could be a fun activity for summer camps, vacation bible school, family gatherings, playdates…. We really enjoyed making our tie dye shirts together as a family.

Baby brothers shirt
Big brothers shirt
Mommy and Daddy’s shirts

So many possibilities for tie dye projects. What would you tie dye?

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