Fish Craft For Dad

While putting my 10 Things Kids Love Father’s Day Post I came across a blog I had never visited before Giggles Galore.  With her permission I shared a few of her awesome Father’s Day ideas( see her list here) in our post 10+ Father’s Day Ideas Kids Love.  Her fish craft inspired us to make one of our own.  So here is our fish craft we made to hang up as decoration for daddy at our house.  My 2yr and 4yr love to make holiday crafts or pictures for us to use in the house as decoration.  So this was perfect for the upcoming holiday Father’s Day.  It was also a way for us to show daddy some love by making a craft just for him.  I just love how they turned out and daddy loved them too.
             Fish Craft For Dad

Fish Craft For Dad


Just like any other day, I was buy cleaning up after lunch, checking laundry, holding a baby….  I have been putting off getting out yet another project for us to work on (I have about 5 projects scattered throughout my kitchen that we are working on or are going to work on, or I want to work on.  SShhh don’t tell anyone how messy I am ,lol).  So on this ordinary day I just stopped putting it off and started grabbing art supplies out of the closet.  I had been thinking about the fish craft Giggles Galore shared and thought we would make one similar to that.  I got everything out and set up in a matter of min’s.  The craft did not take long to complete.  Once my tot laid down for nap my oldest did come back and continued painting and craft while brother slept.
So it worked out great they got to make daddy a picture and then my oldest had something to entertain him while little brother napped and I took care of a fussy baby.
Fish Craft For Dad
What we used:  
paint, white cardstock, googly eyes, glue stick,  and markers
What to do:
I drew a fish on the cardstock.  Then let the boys use their fingers or q-tip to make dots on our fish.  We painted another fish how ever they wanted.  Then we left them to dry while little brother headed off for nap.  Once he was done, big brother came back and painted more.  Once the first 2 fish were made and dry, I glued on googly eyes and added the hook and mouth to the fish.  Lastly, I just wrote in ” Fishing you a great day”.
Fish Craft For Dad
I love how big brother wanted to add blue fingerprints to the bottom of the paper for water.  He is quite the thinker. As always we hope you and your kids can have fun with this craft too.
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