Fish Paper Plate Craft


Summer is here and some days it is just too hot to enjoy outside.  On those too hot, or rainy summer days, we like to get the craft supplies out and get our craft on.  With the beach on our mind we wanted to make an ocean inspired craft.  So we ended up with a fun paper plate fish craft.  Both my 6yr and 4yr had a lot of fun creating paper plate fish this afternoon.

fish paper plate craft for kids

Fish Paper Plate Craft





Supplies/what we used:


paper plates




paint brushes


large googly eyes–thanks to for the free goodie box


glitter – thanks again CPI








How to make/what we did:


I put paint on a small paper plate in the colors the kids picked.  I gave them a paint brush and a large plate to start painting.  Once the plate was painted we added some glitter on some, and paint brush dots on others.




We left them to dry while we painted and crafted other things.  Time got away from us and we had to come back to the paper plates in the morning.  We cut a triangle out of the plate to make a mouth.  The fun part is you take the piece you cut out and glue it on as the tail.  Last we added our large googly eye.  Now we had a paper plate fish craft to enjoy.






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