Fizzy Heart Valentine Science


 We LOVE baking soda and vinegar science.  Such a simple experiment that my kids love each time we do it.  I love mixing it up by creating a themed or holiday experiment from time to time.  Also having 3 kids all different ages it seems each year it is a new experience for one of them.  This year we will finally have exposed all 3 kids to baking soda science.  I think it is a great multi aged and fun sibling activity.   We had so much fun with a Catapult Science experiment to see if we could break candy hearts I wanted to set up another candy heart experiment for the boys.  Today I am sharing our Fizzy Heart Valentine Science.


Fizzy heart valentine science





 Fizzy Heart Valentine Science

 candy heart science supplies

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What we used/supplies:


*candy hearts – Brach’s Conversation Hearts, 7 oz Bag


*baking soda –Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda, 5 lb


*plastic tablecloth –White 7 Pack Premium Disposable Plastic Table Cover 54 x 108 Inch – Waterproof Disposable Tablecloths for Rectangle Tables up to 8 ft in Length – Indoor or Outdoor Use – Party Table Cloths


*plastic tray- we got ours at IKEA


*beakers –SEOH Plastic Beaker Set – 5 Sizes – 50 100 250 500 and 1000ml


*droppers –8 Pcs Liquid Droppers, SENHAI Silicone and Plastic Pipettes Transfer Eyedropper with Bulb Tip for Candy Oil Kitchen Kids Gummy Making – 7 Colors


*tweezers –Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers, Sorting & Counting, Toddler Fine Motor Skill Development, Set Of 12


*safety goggles for fun- Learning Resources Colored Safety Goggles


*vinegar –Heinz Cleaning Vinegar, 1 gal


*food coloring –Food Coloring – 12 Color Vibrant Cake Food Coloring Set for Baking, Decorating, Fondant and Cooking – Upgraded Liquid Concentrated Icing Food Color Dye for Slime Making, DIY Crafts – .25 fl. oz. Each


*Little bowls



baking soda science

To start mix baking soda, candy hearts, and a little water in the small bowls.  We made 3.  Once mixed place in freezer until frozen.  Ours sat several days before we had good weather again to try it out.


Our Setup:


I took all our supplies outside.  I put a plastic tablecloth down to help with the mess.  I then placed the plastic tray on the top of the tablecloth. Take the frozen baking soda and hearts and pop them out of the bowls. Place them in the trays.  Set this up 3 times so each kid has their own. Along with the tray we had beakers and test tubes filled with colored vinegar.  We colored it with food coloring. Now for the kids to start testing to see if they could free the hearts. 

fizzy heart science for kids


 I never know what the kids will come up with or observe during a science experiment.  That makes it fun for me to see what they will do.  I had just planned on them making the candy hearts fizzy.  However, little brother wanted to save his candy by using a little vinegar and the tweezers to pull them out.  He added every last candy into a test tube.  I just love seeing his little mind at work.


fizzy heart science for kids




 Big brother had more fun dropping vinegar onto the frozen baking soda watching it fizz up.  And baby brother, well he was just stoked to be able to do it too. 

science for young kids



 What is happening:  Baking Soda is a sodium bicarbonate and Vinegar is an acetic acid.  When mixed together they form a carbonic acid. It breaks apart into water and carbon dioxide.  This is what causes the FIZZING!  

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