Floating Grape Science Experiment for kids

We love simple science over here.  My toddler enjoys it just as much, if not more, than big brother(preschooler).  However, they both get excited when they hear the words “let’s do a science experiment”.  I recently bought us a kids science book and I could not wait to get to experimenting with the boys.  This is our first science experiment from the book, Floating Grape.  And it was a big hit at my house.
Floating Grape Science Experiment for kids

Floating Grape Science Experiment for kids

Floating Grape Science Experiment for kids

What we used:

2 glass cups




What this experiment demonstrates for the kids: 
Density~ nothing more than the measure of how solid something is.


What to do:

Start out with 2 glasses filled with water. I filled the second glass with warm water.  Add sugar to the second glass and mix.  I let it dissolve for a few minutes.  {I added about 8-10 TBS before our grape floated}  Once you have enough sugar in the cup when you place the grape in it will float. 


Without the sugar in the water, the grape is denser and will sink.  The sugar adds matter to the cup of water.  This makes it denser than the grape which allows the grape to now float.

The kids just loved dropping the grapes in the sugar water over and over.  This did cause the sugar water to splash all over the counter.  Having paper towels close by was great to wipe it up with.  And a hand wash at the end was needed to get the sticky sugar water off their hands.  This was not bad and a minimal mess for us, lol.  They make a bigger mess with lunch. 

We left the first glass with just plain water.  This way the kids could see without the sugar in the water the grape was denser and sank fast to the bottom.

We can not wait till we get out our The Everything Kids Science Experiment Book again for some more science fun.  Hope you and your kids can enjoy this science experiment too.


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