Flower Card for Mother’s Day

We love making our own cards for special occasions.  I often just let the kids come up with their own style for the card.  They are usually for grandparents or aunts and uncles who love what ever scribbles they get.  One evening my oldest and I set out to make a few stamped Flower Cards for Mother’s Day.  These would be for grandma’s and the kids could put their scribbles inside this time.  I just love how they turned out. And my oldest and I had fun spending together time, just me and him, with paint and paper.


Flower Card for Mother's Day


 Flower Card for Mother’s Day



What we used/ supplies:




paper plate


assorted colors of paint


white cardstock




What to do / how to make:


I put purple, yellow, and green paint on a paper plate.  I folded the paper in half. He dipped the cork in the color he wanted and made the prints to make a flower or two.  He started with the green to make the stem and added the flowers on top.



This was simple and fun.  And now we have these cute homemade cards to give out for Mother’s Day.  Now to start working on our gifts for this year to go with them.




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