Foaming Beach Sand Dough

This month’s theme for 12 months of sensory dough is sand dough!  We have made sand playdough before and my kids loved it.  I was trying to figure out what sand dough I would make this go round.  After some thought Foaming Beach Sand Dough sounded perfect.  Now  to see if I figured out how to make it foam and the kids had a good time or not.



Foaming Beach Snad Dough Play Recipe for sensory and science play for kids


Foaming Beach Sand Dough



Supplies/what we used:


Beach sand– you can use play sand.  We had recently brought home some beach sand so I put it to use.


shaving cream


baking soda 





How to make/what we did:


I poured about 3 cups of beach sand in a bowl.  Next I added 3 cups of baking soda.  I sprayed shaving cream over it and mixed.  Soon I had too much shaving cream in the mix.  I added about 3 more cups of baking soda, one cup at a time, until I had just the right moldable texture for our beach sand dough.




You can see what I ended up with when I had just enough baking soda and shave cream.  Looks just like ordinary beach sand  but it has a super power, it foams!

beach sand dough


I even got to use our shells from our last beach trip the kids found.  I have bought shells at dollar tree before too for crafts and play.  So if you do not have shells laying around  you can buy them for cheap.


sensory play activity for kids


To start my son was pressing the shells down in the sand dough.  Great for fine motor skills and just plain fun to him.  Then he stuck his finger in the middle of the dough ball.  I thought this is great we can make a sand dough volcano and not just make the beach sand dough foam.  The kids always make things more fun.




I had vinegar in a measuring cup for the kids to use pipets on the dough after I took a few photos.  I stuck my finger in the same place my son stuck his to make the hole bigger.  After that he poured the vinegar in the hole.  We got excited as the foaming eruption took place from the dough.  I really had no clue if the dough would foam much less make a fun volcano.  This is a great simple science experiment.  Experiment with supplies to make a dough that foams or erupts. Watching the foaming reaction after too.


sand dough volcano


This foaming beach sand dough was a big hit with all 3 of my kids.   Love that all 3 of them could find one activity to enjoy.


sand dough volcano sensory and science for kids


Now they want to try it again.  We had a little dough left over I placed in a ziploc bag.  We are going to see if it keeps for a few days and try it again.


foaming beach sand dough

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