Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

Cookies!!!  One of our favorite sweet treats at my house.  I just love baking cookies.  I grew up making them with my mom and now as a mom myself I love baking them.  Before kids I baked often. trying all sorts of recipes and creating a few of my own.  Now with 3 kids, all 5 yr and under, store bought cookie dough is often the only cookies I bake.  But it does not matter if the cookies are from scratch or store bought.  It is sharing a fun treat with the kids that counts.  Making lasting memories and having fun with my boys is always at the top of my list.
Today for Play, Craft, and Learn with Dinosaurs is all about dinosaur food.  I have wanted to try footprint cookies forever it seems. This was the perfect time to try it out.  I set out to make these fun cookies as an afternoon surprise for the kids.
Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

What we used:

pre made cookie dough 


toy dino


baking sheet

Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

What to do:

Cut the cookie dough into slices.  Place on a baking sheet covered with foil.  Using foil comes in handy later.

Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

Bake cookies as directed on packaging.  You can also follow your favorite sugar cookies recipe and make them if you wish.  

Once cookies have finished baking take out of oven.  Here is the part were the foil comes in handy, just lift foil with cookies on to the counter top.  Now let them start to cool.  This is great because you do not have to worry about the hot pan when you start print making.

Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

I could not help but add some colorful sugar to the tops of the cookies while they cooled.  We love a little color over here.  I had store bought sugar in the pantry but we have also made our own before.  See how here, How To Make Colored Sugar.

Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

Do not let the cookies cool more than a few minutes.  Take the toy dinosaur and press the feet down into the cookies.  Make single or multiple prints per cookie.  This is a perfect activity to let kids help with.  However, I chose to make these one morning while they were gone as a surprise for them when they got home.


Footprint Dinosaur Cookies

The Dinosaur Footprint Cookies were a big HIT at my house with all 2 children.  Ages 1-5yr.  I had them on the counter and the boys found them as soon as they came in the house.  I loved all the oohs, and ahhs, lol.  

Footprint Dinosaur Cookies
I hope you and your kids can enjoy these too.


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