Footprint Snowman Craft for Kids

We have really come to enjoy the footprint and handprint holiday arts and crafts.  As I have stated before it is perfect for my multiple aged kids to all enjoy this one activity.  It is also a great keepsake for the years to come.  In 5 years from now when we look back at these tiny feet I am sure it will bring up fun holiday memories of our family time when we made them.
Do you have a favorite themed Christmas decorations?  Mine is the snowman!!  I just love them and can never get enough of them.  So there was no better winter/Christmas footprint art for us than the snowman footprint.  This had been on my list for a while to make with the kids.  I finally made the time to do them this week.  I love how they turned out and look forward to many more years of making footprint art with the kids.
snowman footprint art for kids

  Footprint Snowman Craft for Kids


Supplies/What we used:

white paint


blue and black paper


paper plate


I like to keep wipes and paper towels close by. I used sharpies and washi tape!  

This washi tape was a fun find at the dollar tree and I could not wait anymore to use it on something, lol.


How to make the footprints:

I put paint in a paper plate and spread it out with a spoon.  I like to have wipes and paper towels out before we start.  I dip the foot in the paint and smear it around.  I then press the foot down on the paper.  Sometimes you have to make a second print if the first one is too thick and smeared.  I have heard to paint the paint on it is good too.


I left the footprints to dry for a few hours.  I came back with sharpies to add the details of a snowman.  I added eyes, nose, arms, hat with the markers.  I added the scarf and hat ribbon with the washi tape and I just love the added touch it gives the picture. I also added a landscape to the photo with  a tree and the ground.

I offered the kids a chance to add “snow” to their pictures.  I initially said we could use their finger but little brother said no.  I then suggested q-tips and he was good with that.  You can add snow either way.

How to make snow:

We used white paint from a box of goodies craftprojectideas sent us for free. And q-tips.  Dip the q-tips in the paint and dot all over the picture.

winter print craft for kids

I love how the 2 older boys Snowman Footprints turned out. 

Now presenting Mr and Ms baby footprint snowman!  Oh, I just love those baby toes.  These projects are not only fun for the kids but me too.  Since baby brother is too young still to help with his, other than make the prints, I got to decide on how to decorate his.  Since he had 2 prints on one piece of paper I went with a Mr and Ms Snowman Footprints.

baby footprint keepsake art

Now what will we make next with snowmen?  


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