Footprint Turkey

We have a family tradition of making Handprint Turkeys in November.  I made them with my mom and I love that now I get to make them with my kids.  Each year we try to make our Handprint Turkey just a little different.  This year I thought we would be different and make a Footprint Turkey craft for the kids.  They love printmaking and when the paint and paper came out so did the feet!
footprint turkey thanksgiving craft for kids

Footprint Turkey

Footprint Turkey

What we used: supplies they sent us for free:  feathers and googly eyes

orange paper

orange and red sharpies

X-acto knife- for parent


Footprint Turkey

What to do:

Start by getting out white paper and brown paint.  I go ahead and grab paper towels and wipes before we start.  Then let the kids sit down.  I usually sit them on the counter and paint their foot then press down on the paper.  Then I clean their foot with the paper towels and wipes before I put them down. Then repeat for each kid.

Footprint Turkey

Once the paint dries you and the kids can come back and finish. Ours sat a few days before we completed the project.  I took the knife and added slits for all the feathers.  Then I gave the craft supplies to the kids.

Footprint Turkey

The kids added the googly eyes and the pre cut orange paper beak.  Then they stick the feathers in the slits.  Great for hand eye coordination.  Then I drew on feet with the orange sharpie and a red snood.  I also taped the feathers down in the back to keep them from falling out.  Now the turkey footprint art was ready for our art wall.

Footprint Turkey


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