Frankenstein Paper Plate Craft

We had so much fun with our Frankenstein Footprint craft a few years ago I wanted to try a new Frankenstein craft with the kids.  I bought these small green plates months ago.  I knew they would be perfect for a Frankenstein paper plate craft.  As time went on they ended up in a craft box in my office buried under other “to get to” projects.  Well, I found them today while looking for something else.  Since Halloween is a few weeks away we still have time to make them.   So we set out to make the cutest Frankenstein paper plate craft we could.




Frankenstein Paper Plate Craft


Frankenstein Paper Plate Craft

how to make a Frankenstein paper plate craft


Supplies/what we used:


black construction paper or cardstock paper


clear glue and glue sticks


googly eyes


small green paper plates






How to make a Frankenstein paper plate craft with the kids:


I started by gathering my supplies.  I then took the black construction paper and cut out hair, mouth, bolts, and scars.  I love that you only need 3 basic things to make this work, googly eyes, paper plate, and black construction paper.


Halloween craft for kids


Once I cut out enough to make 3 Frankensteins, I called the kids to the table.  My kids are 2yrs, 4yrs, and 6yrs.  The older 2 had no problems with this craft. I helped my 2 yr old with his craft..  They all loved how they turned out.  My youngest just wanted me to keep shaking the plate to make his eyes move, lol.


You could make a Halloween banner out of these.  You could even add a craft stick and make a paper plate puppet out of this fun and easy Frankenstein paper plate craft for kids. Now to see what we can come up with next with our green paper plates.


Frankenstein Halloween Craft for Kids


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