Frankenstein Sensory Bottle

My favorite holiday themed character for Halloween seems to be Frankenstein’s Monster!  Maybe it is the bright green or the simplicity of recreating the monster with craft supplies. Whatever it is I just had to get in at least one Frankenstein activity or craft with the kids this Halloween.  I have had these craft supplies sitting in my office for weeks and here at the last minute I finally got our Frankenstein Sensory Bottle made!  The kids are loving shaking him up and watching the glitter fall.  I must admit I find myself shaking him and watching the glitter too, so relaxing.  Now we have a fun Halloween decoration that we can play with too.


Frankenstein Sensory Bottle

Frankenstein Sensory Bottle


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Supplies/what I used:


  • warm water



How to make a Frankenstein Sensory Bottle:


  1. Gather all your supplies to start.
  2. Make sure your water bottle has already had the label removed.  I use goo gone to take mine off.
  3. While letting your hot glue gun warm up cut out hair, scar, and mouth from the black cardstock paper.
  4. Glue on googly eyes.
  5. I painted my small wooden spools before I did this so they were dry and ready. Glue those on next.
  6. Glue on the scar and mouth.


7. Add neon green food coloring to bottle.

8. Also add the green glitter and Karo to the bottle.

9.  Now add warm water to the bottle to bring your monster to life, lol.

10. Mix up the ingredients in the bottle.

11. Glue on the hair and your are done!

Note: You can use the hot glue gun to glue the cap on the bottle or duct tape.



Once your Frankenstein Sensory Bottle is ready give it to the kids to play with. MY youngest was so excited to mix up the glitter while checking out the eyes, mouth, hair.. He had to inform his brother of everything he saw on the bottle.  It was cute.


Halloween Sensory Bottle for Kids

Now to figure out what Frankenstein fun we want to try next! 



Halloween Frankenstein Sensory Bottle



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